Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to create "legal" Pokémon for your Diamond or Pearl DS Game.

This guide will show you how to create you own legal looking Pokémon so that you can alter their EV's and IV's and attacks and transfer them to your DS without using an Action Replay. It is important to make them look legal if you plan on using them for Wi-Fi battles in Pokémon Battle Revolution or in the Pokémon video game championships if you dont plan on doing either of these then you can give you Pokémon whatever stats and attacks you want.

1. Go to On the right Side of the screen click the link that says PKM DB. Click on the "all Pokemon Button". Press "Ctrl+F" and type the name of the pokemon you are looking for. Click on the name of the Pokémon and your browser should automaticaly download the .pkm file.

2. Now you need a program called "PokeGen 2.312" you can download it from Open PokeGen and click file, load, and find the .pkm file you previously downloaded. Here you can change anything about the Pokémon. Attacks, EV's, IV's, level, Held Item, etc. To make the Pokémon seem legal to Nintendo there are a few things you have to do.

Under the "Main" tab there is a button labeled "F" beside the "PID" field. Click it and it will open your Pokémon ID finder. Choose whatever nature you wish then click search, click on the number that was generated and hit "OK" this will give your Pokémon a legitimate ID number to pass Nintendo's check.

The Ability you give you Pokémon must be one it can actually have in the game so check or a similar site.

If this Pokémon was met as an egg from the Day-Care couple it must be in a regular Pokéball on the "Met" Tab

Under the "Stats tab, you can set your IV's to whatever you want but the max is 31. The maximum number for your EV's is 255, but the total of all your EV's can only be 510 for the Pokémon to be "legal".

Under the "Attacks" tab make sure that the attacks you set are ones that your Pokémon can normally learn in the game by leveling or TM/HM.

And finally if you want to create a shiny Pokémon, on the last tab "OT/Misc" click the button "Create shiny ID".

Now you are finished creating your Pokémon, so go to File, Save Pokémon(from tabs) and choose where you want to save the .PKM file.

3. Now go back to and break out your DS at the same time

On your DS on the main menu of your Pokémon game, select "NINTENDO WFC SETTINGS" by pressing the A button.

Select the big blue button labled "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings" by tapping it.

On the next screen I had to erase all of my settings in order for this to work, then tap connection 1 and let your DS automatically connect to your Wi-Fi internet. Tap on the internet connection that you used to access the internet.

Go all the way to the bottom and press the "No" button for the "Auto-obtain DNS" feature. Then press "Edit" for the "Primary DNS" feature.

Type in the number shown at the top right of the screen fro the Primary DNS on which should be "" and press OK.

When it asks you: "Are these settings correct?" , press "OK". Press "Save Settings". Turn your DS off. Now turn it back on. Make sure that your team is full of 6 Pokemon BEFORE attempting to enter the GTS. Visit the GTS, and you will receive the Pokemon that you created.

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